October 14, 2018
Oblivion Song
I occasionally get asked what draws me to skating. So today I will answer that in a roundabout way. I read comics, and one of the comics that I really like is Oblivion Song by Kirkman and De Filici. Without going too much into spoilers... Click for more.
October 11, 2018
Skating Adventures: Pikes Peak 2012 - The Water Fountain
This was our first trip to Denver, Colorado, and we had a great time. We would come back to Pikes Peak several more times, until the dance competition got canceled. On this trip we were came across a fountain that would shoot periodically out of the ground as part of an art work. Click for more.
October 10, 2018
Skating Adventures: Pikes Peak 2014 - The Deer
When Kseniya and I competed together, we would take time to explore the places around where the competition was held. At Pikes Peak in 2014, a deer walked into the yard of the house we were renting. Click for more.

Sept 30, 2018
Where Oleg Is At Now
Life is a series of running battles in a war for progress. And this fight has now taken me to Canada. I spend the first half of my day in Canada training with my partner Nicole “Niki” Takahashi and our coaches Megan Wing and Aaron Lowe. Click for more.

Sept 26, 2018
Rebuilding the Website
A snapshot of the old site, with a few modifications.
Today I will tell you what happened to our original website:, why it was down for so long, and what plans there are for the website now that we are bringing it back...Click for more.