October 14, 2018
Oblivion Song

I occasionally get asked what keeps drawing me to skating. So today I will answer that in a roundabout way. I read comics, and one of the comics that I really like is Oblivion Song by Kirkman and De Filici. Without going too much into spoilers, there is a parallel world called Oblivion. Nathan Cole regularly accesses it in order to try to help those who ended up there in an event called the Transference. This parallel world has it’s own rules, and is dangerous and difficult to navigate. But it also has a pull to it, called the Oblivion Song. It's the way the air, the life forms, and sounds create the feel of the place. Those survivors who spend a significant amount of time there, when they are returned to Earth, are never the same as before, having been changed by life in the world of Oblivion.

To me, there are major parallels with skating. Something as basic as moving forward is fundamentally different on the ice, and the differences converge to create this parallel world with it’s own rules and ways of doing things. Skating can be difficult and dangerous, but it can also be incredibly beautiful. And like Oblivion, the sounds, movement, and experiences of skating create a gestalt that pulls you in. The deeper I have dived into skating, the more it has transformed me. To the point where it consumed who I was and recreated me into something new. Regardless of what I do or where I am, I never don't feel the pull of skating.

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